Vegan alternatives that replace all aspects of animal products

We accelerate the transition to equivalent animal protein alternatives

Leveraging state-of-the art technology towards a more sustainable food production

Combining science and purpose in the world‘s most relevant industry

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Meet the ProteinDistillery

We are a foodtech company producing the first customizable vegan protein to fully substitute all functionalities of animal protein, paving the way towards sustainable food production.

Why our protein production is the future


Planet friendly

400 times less use of land
250 times less use of water
80 times less greenhouse emisions
(compared to beef per kg protein)

Animal free

Fuelled by carbohydrate and microorganism side streams from the industry



Highly customizable

By reassembling the building blocks individually, all needs in the major applications of alternative protein can be targeted precisely

The solution for all aspects of animal food

Meat Alternatives

clean proteins without additives*

  1. Full nutritional value

  2. Unique taste

  3. Optimal texture in warm and cold state

*Experience the first vegan patty without methylcellulose

Functional Food

the first vegan protein with a great conversion to muscle mass

  1. Composition of amino acids superior to any plant-based alternative

  2. Good solubility for smoother shake

  3. Clean taste without off-flavour

Dairy & Cheese

opening new vegan possibilities with

  1. 100 % solubility

  2. Good emulsifying properties

  3. Casein-like networks which melt like real cheese

Egg Replacement

the better solution without the egg

  1. Strong binding capacity

  2. Gluten-free bakery products

  3. Foaming agent for fluffy pastries




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– Team

„The lack of true vegan protein alternatives was my driving force to find a better solution“

Christoph Pitter
Co-Founder, Managing Director

„Building a purpose-driven venture case is the best path you can go as an entrepreneur“

Marco Ries
Co-Founder, Managing Director

„We are still missing a perfect substitute for animal protein in the food industry - with this claim; we will make a lasting difference”

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Tomas Kurz
Co-Founder, Product & Operations

„This is just the beginning of a new era in the food segment, biotechnology will open up entirely new possibilities “

Michael Baunach
Co-Founder, Process & Engineering

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